The Hahn Crew

There’s three of us. We’re siblings. Our last name is Hahn. And we’re just fine with puns.

Cooking was not a chore in the house where we grew up. Well, it wasn’t a chore most of the time. The kitchen was a place of joy, creation and experimentation. That is, until it came time to do the dishes.

This blog takes the family recipes our mother pulled together in a book for the Hahn clan and expands on them with stories and context for each entry.

Some fun facts about us:

Jeremiah: his parents found out that he knew how to swear when he jumped from a pine tree he was climbing and tore his favorite red shirt.

Kate: there is ample video evidence of her undaunted attempts to bring holiday cheer to the family while her two teenage brothers do their best to pretend that Christmas isn’t cool.

Andy: actually knows latin names for plants. Also raises bees, chickens and human children.

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